'As all of creation is a result of creativity, accessing your creative potential enables your
Soul to reflect it's radiant light and beauty.'

Upcoming Workshop

     Assessing your creative power is all you need to live the life you long for!  Whether you think
you are creative or not, this course understands you are creating all the time, shaping your reality, moment by moment, through your relationship with the present.  Utilising a variety of creative mediums together with supportive tools and resourses, this journey will enable you to discover and transform anything standing in the way of your creative potential and life's purpose!
     The course structure is 1 day a fortnight spaced over 4 months (a total of 8 days), resulting in a Collaborative Exhibition.  The course length is designed with great purpose, it allows time to uncover and address the blocks no longer serving your life and exposes the saboteur.  Unhealthy stratagies are brought into the light, where they can be healed and loved into wholeness.  As these transformations occur, there is plenty of space to explore, express and live the freedom of your truth.


Friday, March 1 - 'Journey Within'
The journey begins plaster casting and using mixed media to uncover beliefs and judgements you have about yourself.

Friday, March 15 - 'Sculpture of She' 
Hands sculpting clay unearth fears that undermine your true purpose .  This day has a focus on self care, establilshing strong roots to reclaim your ground. 

Friday, March 29 - 'Water Colour Womb'  
Water colours flow to meet and acknowledge emotions and sensitivities, held with an intention to accept whatever arises unconditionally...what is self love?

Friday, April 12 - 'Fire Painting'
Heat, fire, ash and paint are called upon to reflect ideas around personal power and self worth, what no longer serves is offered to the internal fires of purification. 

Friday, May 3 - 'Beading your Sacred Mala'
Knotting each bead with prayerful intention, calling your heart's silent yearnings to the fore, while tenderly loving old hurts and disappointments.

Friday, May 17 - 'Talking Stick Creation' 
Sharing your Sacred Point of View, honouring other's and deep listening carve their way into your Talking Stick, being impeccable with your word...

Friday, May 31 - 'Light & Shadow'
Making a doll from scratch to symbolise and honour your intuition...affirming inner guidance through your commitment to the Wise Woman within.

Friday, June 14 - 'Mosaic Mandala'
Piece by piece mosaics come together to reflect the radiant Light and Beauty of your Soul,
relaxing into emptiness and the great mystery.

Collaborative Exhibition - To be advised.
A whole body of work will be complete at the end of this workshop with a opportunity to share your works if you so feel called.

     Workshops are held at Soul's Palette Studios, located on acreage in Ewingsdale.  Surrounded by the beauty of nature, all materials and tools are supplied...so you have nothing to think about.

A delicious vegetarian lunch and all materials are included.  
  Full Course - 1 day a fortnight spaced over 4 months (8 days in total)

$1,350 (payment plans available)​

"Accessing your creative potential is an
essential ingrediant to fulfilling your purpose here."

If you have any questions please feel free to write or call 0466 891 174

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