'A Creative Journey Within' is a sacred journey to discover and explore your creative potency.  Transformational tools are utilised to uncover anything blocking the way to your creative freedom so you may experience your highest evolutionary possibility.
     In this series of workshops we gather to meditate, dance, create and share utilizing the circle structure for reflection and support.   Being an opportunity for contemplation, transformation and awakening, the chakra system is used as a template for guidance.
     The chakra system is a blueprint of the electromagnetic force field surrounding and permeating our bodies.  Each chakra has vibratory frequencies which influence our emotions, physical wellbeing and character traits.  When we  contemplate the inherent wisdom of our bodies via the chakras, unconsicous patterns become conscious, fears, beliefs and illusions can be released by being felt and acknowledged. 
    One day a fortnight for 4 months, we will explore a different chakra through discourse, contemplation, meditation, dance and variety of creative mediums.


1st Session : 'Journey Within' 

2nd Session:  Root Chakra (Earth) - 'Sculpture of She'  ​

3rd Session : Sacral Chakra (Water) - 'Water Colour Womb'

4th Session : Solar Plexus Chakra (Fire)  - 'Fire Painting'

5th Session :  Heart Chakra (Air) - 'Beading your Sacred Mala'

6th Session : Throat Chakra (Ether) - 'Talking Stick Creation'

7th Session : Third Eye Chakra (Light) - 'Light & Shadow' 

8th Session : Crown Chakra (Consciouness) - 'Mosaic Mandala'

9am - Opening Circle
10am - Discourse
10.30am - Dance & breath work
11am - Guided meditation & time with nature 
11.45am - Begin work in silence with set creative mediums
1 - 1.30pm - Lunch
1.30 - 4.15pm - Creative work continues in silence
4.15 - 5pm - Closing Circle

     A whole body of work will be complete at the end of this workshop accompanied by a collaborative exhibition to share your works if you feel called.

A vegetarian lunch, snacks and all materials are included.

$1,350 per person

Pre-booking is essential as class numbers are limited.
No experience necessary.

Press here for course dates and further enquiry